(fragment from a corrupt memory)

One of my main concerns has always been the loss of memory,
intending for it the loss of the process by which we reconstruct the experience,
which allows us to connect an 'image, a thought, an object to a precise moment of
our lives and so to unleash all our memories.
Having seen the corrupt important photos from an emotional point of view I began,
to exorcise my fears, to create these "Glicth" by manipulating the images with
"improper" software, such as text or hex editor, programming languages, audio
editing's software and more.
Each image has been pushed towards corruption step by step, every error is taken
to the extreme, leaving landscapes and people suspended in the uncertainty of
being able to define memories, because it has been severed the link with the
experience of living, they are only fragments have come to afloat by a corrupt

-Lorenzo Vecchio-